Wakeboarding (or Kneeboarding) is as extreme a water sport as you want to make it.

We welcome everyone, of all ages from the complete novice through to top competitors.

Wakeboarding and Kneeboarding are extreme, adrenalin-pumped water sports! The rider is towed behind a speedboat, across its wake and up off the crest in order to perform aerial manoeuvres. A hallmark of Wakeboarding is the attempted performance of mid-air tricks.


Standing on a wider board, your stance is sidewards on as when snowboarding.

The rope is tied at a higher point on the tower to get bigger air, which allows for all sorts of freestyle tricks and acrobats on the water.



When Kneeboarding you are in a kneeling position on a board facing the boat.

By having a lower center of gravity, it is possible to perform many fun tricks from rotations to flips.

A great activity for anyone.



We offer training to members and non-members and place great emphasis on safety and instruction. Qualified instructors take you through the lessons and they will tailor the lesson to your ability.

As a beginner, you will start with ‘dry dock’ training which teaches you all the skills you will need to get up and Wakeboard or Kneeboard without leaving the comfort of dry land! You will then use the training boom on the side of the boat which enables you to be close to the instructor. As you progress you will move onto the long line behind the boat.

Radio headsets are available for more precise communication whilst out on the water.


We offer facilities for all Wakeboarding and Kneeboarding all behind our club-owned boats.  Included in the cost is the hire of a board and lifejacket, for those who don’t have their own, and hire of a wetsuit can be added on at a cost of £5.

As well as individual lessons we also, we also run courses for groups of visitors (clubs, work colleagues, groups etc).