Water skiing is as extreme a water sport as you want to make it.

Contrary to popular belief you do not need to be strong to Water Ski! We welcome everyone of all ages, from 3 up to their 90s, and from the complete novice through to top competitors.

Types of Water Skiing


When you learn to Water Ski you are initially taught using two skis. As you master the balance and posture needed you will progress to skiing on one ski. Once confident on one ski you can advance to the slalom course—racing against the clock, in and out of the buoys.

Trick Skiing

Skiing on one or two skis, Trick Skiing involves 180 and 360 degree turns, twists, jumps holding the rope with your toes, skiing backwards, all in quick succession.

Man using a water ski


We offer training to members and non-members and place great emphasis on safety and instruction. Qualified instructors take you through the lessons and will tailor the lesson to your ability.

As a beginner, you will start with ‘dry dock’ training which teaches you all the skills you will need to get up and ski without leaving the comfort of dry land! You will then use the training boom. This is on the side of the boat so that you can be close to the instructor. As you progress you will move onto the long line behind the boat.

We have radio headsets for more precise communication whilst out on the water.

For the younger skiers between the ages of 3 and 7 that find it a little more difficult or lack confidence, we use an inflatable ski before moving on to a fantastic horseshoe ski for the next stage. We find that this is the best way to introduce the very young to this exciting sport and to help build their water confidence.

Woman using a water ski


We offer facilities for all disciplines of Water Skiing, all behind our club-owned boats. We have a 4-buoy slalom course and trick course. Included in the cost is the hire of skis and a lifejacket, for those who don’t have their own, and hire of a wetsuit can be added on at a cost of £5.

As well as individual lessons we also run courses for groups of visitors (clubs, work colleagues, groups etc.).