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Thanks for taking a look at the Dudley Water Ski Club web site. We at Dudley Water Ski would like to invite you to visit us at what can only be described as a unique ski club. Unique because we are the only club to offer members and visitors a four buoy slalom course.

As a visitor we offer you the opportunity to ski or wakeboard at the club  throughout the year, using our day membership facility. This can be done without any obligation. After this time should you wish become a member you simply fill in an application form and submit it to the committee.

What do we offer the members I hear you ask?

  • As a member you would be covered by their insurance at no extra charge.
  • Free coaching by qualified instructors.
  • Take part in competitions and other events that we run at the club.
  • The opportunity to learn to drive a tournament ski boat to SBDA and I C C levels, including becoming a club driver.
  • We also encourage members to become a club coach / instructor.
  • In addition we give you access to a B B Q for your use, free of charge
  • Changing rooms with hot and cold showers etc.
  • Instructors run courses from novice upwards, using a training bar then moving onto the line.
  • An environmentally friendly tournament ski boat, a 310 hp gas powered Malibu Response fitted with perfect pass speed control.
  • The club house has a licensed bar and lounge area, kitchen, Wi-Fi internet connection, and a pay phone.

I think you will find us worth a visit.

What We Do

Water Skiing, as safe or as extreme a sport as you want to make it!

We can cater for:

Contact Us

Dudley Water Ski Club
Lodge Farm Reservoir
Highbridge Road
West Midlands

Tel: 07595 355291
Email: info@dudleywaterski.co.uk